Michael Mauerhoff

Head of Marketing Sales D A CH CZ

Global Blue

Michael Mauerhoff is the Head of Marketing Sales at Global Blue for the area Central Europe, consisting of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic since 2011 now. As a digital first thinking manager he is always looking for innovative solutions which combine the strengths of haptic and data driven solution to fulfill the target audience needs.

Starting as a publishing house manager at the Rheinische Post Newspaper in 2004 he switched immediately to the digital business as an online sales manager and moved forward to achieve his first victories in sales and product development. Within the second New Market / Social Media Boom starting from 2008 he founded a social media startup for cubs called iVerein.de and the marketing agency Agentur Beziehungsweise to ensure a 360° communication approach. His main duty for both companies was always the design of new products/solutions, selling them to brands and bringing them to market.  These solution came across digital, sampling, promotion and print.

In early 2011 he sold his shares due to the onboarding at Global Blue and managed a successful handover and exit. The opportunity to work on a data driven company which success is based on the in depth knowledge of the international shopping tourism, was the logical consequence to reach the next level.

With Global Blue Michael Mauerhoff and his teams managed to build/sell/execute products across several countries to increase revenue and instore footfall for European Brands. The latest development in 2016 is related to programmatic mobile marketing based on Tax Free Shopping data to target these valuable high spenders.