Xin Deng

Managing Director

Global Smiling

Xin Deng is the Managing Director of Global Smiling.  Originally from China, Xin is an expert and has been actively using Chinese social media for more than 10 years.  After the completion of his studies in the UK, Austria, Finland and Germany, Xin started China Smiling which has now grown internationally and evolved into Global Smiling.  With offices in Hamburg, Chongqing and Moscow, Global Smiling is a digital marketing agency specializing on the traveling consumers offering tailor-made social media and performance-based mobile marketing to a wide range of clientele that prioritizes the business of traveling and shopping. 

Xin believes in the vast potential of the market based on the hard facts of the increasing rate of global travelers between countries, especially among the steady increase of Chinese and Russian tourists. In today’s ever-intensified digitalization, it is a sure sign that social media will only continue to grow and will remain an inevitable component for the traveling consumer.