Global Shopping Forum 2015 Start-up Award 

Global Shopping Forum 2015 proudly announces the three selected Start-up candidates from the larger Travel & Shopping industry. They will introduce their companies, tell their business stories behind and share the innovative ideas in the Global Shopping Forum 2015 Start-up Award Session. 


SimpliFly believes airport shopping should never be a full of hassles process but an enjoyable, joyful and happiness experience since we all live for happiness. The future of online is mobile. SimpliFly builds an innovative mobile application for air travellers all over the world to do global airport shopping any time at anywhere on their phones. Browsing through all retail products in your travel itinerary airports and then makes purchases right way on your phone and then we deliver your items to any location in the world. SimpliFly works with leading airport retailers and brands to drive traffic to their airport stores and drive revenue with increased conversion rates. As a global airport shopping mobile app, SimpliFly also partners with airlines and OT As to serve their customers with airport shopping options for new revenue streams and drive more traffic and sales to our partner airport retailers and brands. Our mission is simple, it is to transform airport shopping into a happiness experience for air travellers around the world.


Due to our contemporary society and the constantly increasing amount of long-haul flights, hundreds of millions of people throughout the world suffer from out of sync biological clocks resulting in jet lags and sleep problems. It has been researched and shown in leading universities such as Harvard and Oxford during the last 20+ years that the proper use of light can adjust our biological rhythm in a natural way. Through the use of smart light, Ayo aims to overcome this problem and bring people’s biological clocks back in sync. Ayo is a wearable technology in the form of a smart eyewear, which incorporates scientifically-backed biological blue light, and is fully controlled by a smartphone application. Through the use of blue light at a specific time, Ayo helps a person alleviate jet lag, improve sleep and boost energy, after just 20 minutes of usage per day! Just enter the jet lag mode in Ayo app and enjoy your trip – Ayo will take care of the rest! 


Edaole (Chinese for „happy arrival") is a mobile shopping guide for Chinese tourists visiting Europe's major cities. Through its website and app for iOS, Android and WeChat, Edaole recommends shopping facilities to its users and provides all of the relevant information, such as opening hours, product range or accepted payment methods, in Chinese language. A maps integration helps with navigation. Additionally, Edaole has negotiated special deals with its more than 300 partners. When Chinese users show the app, they receive attractive discounts, giveaways or a special service. The service works based on a transparent commission basis.