Location, location, location were once the three most important ingredients to retail success, also when working with traveling shoppers.

Today, it’s data, data, data. And that’s no punch line. Because in an omni-channel world, getting better at every aspect of the big data and retail game holds the key to thriving in a brand new world of the larger travel retail industry.

That is true largely because today’s consumers hold all the power. They can check competitor’s prices while standing in your checkout line and easily understand if this travel-retail offer is really special or not. And if you don’t recognize them as individuals when they browse on your website, chat with a service rep or say nice (or not-so-nice) things about your offerings on social media – they may simply not buy.

The Global Shopping Forum tackles how leading-edge travel-retailers, airports, airlines, tax-free operators and travel retail brands are leveraging big data for their business.

Together we will dive into:

  • Optimizing Customer Experiences: Identifying the most valuable big data streams and integrating cross-channel data are requirements for enhancing the customer experience – with targeted offerings and tailored recommendations to boost engagement.

  • Forecasting Better: Ongoing success for retailers means staying ahead of next season’s trends, on top of inventory status and local buying preferences and product affinities

  • Segmenting and Targeting Customers Precisely: More customer segments can mean more fragmentation unless well-crafted marketing campaigns are supported by a robust marketing ecosystem – enabling accurate benchmarks and measurements.