Global Shopping Forum - the best business event around innovation and technology
for the larger Travel Retail Industry

In 2019 Global Shopping Forum is set at Düsseldorf Airport. The Forum is themed as:

THE POWER OF INNOVATION – How to bridge the digital gaps in the travel-retail industry

The Forum will dive into the field of retail innovation. Be it from the perspective of marketing, or the aspect of operation, the take-away benefits will help enhance or even transform your retail business to a level where old customers are smartly retained and new customers are efficiently acquired. 

Before revealing the complete Forum program, we invite you to have a look at our thought-provoking input about travellers’ ‘micro-moment’, where numerous opportunities are presented for retailers to generate business and yet not fully tapped. Please click the following link to get the full article: 

How ready is your travel brand/retail/airport operation to seize traveller 'micro-moment' opportunity?